October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month!

At Spring Forward, we are excited to be a part of spreading the awareness of Sensory Processing awareness and helping children and their families dealing with the confusing world of SPD.SPD is a neurological disorder that affects sensory functioning. Although it has been linked with those living with Autism (ASD) and behavioural disorders such as ADHD, OCD and other conditions, it needs to be known that SPD is a separate disorder with its own specialised treatment.

Some red flags of SPD can include:

  • Unaware of when they have been hurt
  • Frequent jumping and/or purposeful falling onto the ground and crashing into things
  • Touching everything they see
  • Seeking excessive movement
  • Fearful of movements such as swinging or being upside down
  • Larger than expected reactions to sound and touch
  • Avoids messy play and certain textures
  • Significant picky eating

If you have concerns that your child is showing some signs of sensory processing disorder, contact Spring Forward for more information.

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